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DATE : 2 . 14 . 2016
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Wat Yannawa
This temple is an old one dating back to the ayuddhaya period. The founder is unknown, commonly called ?Wat Khok Kwai? (Stable for buffaloes). King Rama 1 renamed the temple to ?Wat Khok Krabue? (Krabue equals to Kwai in polite word) and made it a royal temple. In the reign of King Rama 3, trade connection with China was bloomed and the Chinese junks were used to carry all kinds of cargo, with concern of the vanishing of this junk, King Rama 3 ordered to build a monument by imitating Chinese junk. The monument was made of reinforced concrete with 2 chedis as substitute of poles. The king then named the temple to ?Wat Yannava? meaning ?Temple of junk?. This monument is called ?Samphao chedi? (junk and chedi) with the total length of 21 wa and 2 sok (43 metres) and it is only one of the stylistic junk in Thailand.

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